Get Started. It is a piece of cake.

Great to see you, dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

Getting started can turn out to be an amazingly great adventure.

Some people even feel excited if it comes to getting started.

What about you? 

What are the things that make you like getting started? Especially on Social Media.

Find your reasons. Those mentioned below can be (and probably will be) included in your list.

  • Clearly defined goals.
  • Simplicity of the way to start.
  • Simplicity of what you want to use.

When you finish your list, follow the steps to sign up for


Go to Click ‘’Start for free.’’


Create an account.


In a few moments, you will be redirected back to the application.


Log in using your email and your password or signing in with Twitter.


Your Community and Content will be synchronized with Twitter.


Now start enjoying your Socialfave account.


You can use the free version or the paid one for accessing all features.


Choose your plan.


Compare and see why it is good to choose the paid version.


Now – when you are signed up for – enjoy and let us know if we can be of any assistance, dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

Kind regards,


Are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) necessary for success?

Business Exposure Group

During a recent Business Exposure Group meeting the question raised was ‘whether Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) were necessary for success’. 

What became clear from the start was that the MD’s around the table were from two different schools of thought.  There were those who swore by them explaining that KPI’s tell the business owner the reality of the business.  Stating it allows the owner to react and make constant changes to the operation of the business, instead of waiting until it is too late.

Others, around the table, took the view that KPI’s only look at the past.  The metrics can concentrate on the wrong goals and therefore what’s the point.

However, after a lively debate, all agreed that KPI’s are important to a business because it helps all staff to focus on common goals and ensure that those goals stay aligned within the business.  KPI’s help the business to…

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